100 Word Challenge

“Game over!” Lily had played video games basically her whole life, she had never lost a game till now. “THIS GAME IS A SCAM!” Lily demanded. 
“Come on, Let's head home Lily”. 
“Nooooo! I must WINNNNNNN!” Lily hopped in the vehicle, aggressive while kicking her legs. 
“Why don’t we play some qutie music”. Mum said in a soft voice. Lily ignored her and started petting her furry teddy bear slowly. “I know what if we go to the park”. Mum suggested. 
 “Sure I might like that”. Lily calmed down. 
At the park … “Mum, I climbed the tower!” 
The End


  1. Maelee,
    Your story certainly gives the reader a lot to think about the way some people get so caught up in video games forgetting what else there is in this wide world. I am glad Lily found solace in her teddy bear. I am glad she calmed down and found fun in the park once again.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA


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